How To Pay


Why can't I just pay using PayPal?

TVATI is grown, harvested, processed and packed in the Cook Islands. As a result of local infrastructure there are currently only limited payment gateways that support the Cook Islands region.

We're working on a solution however we didn't want to keep our valuable product away from those who desperately need it.

Your funds are being paid to Cook Islands Medical Research and Development.


Our bank details

  • Account name: Cook Islands Medical Research and Development
  • Bank: Bank of Cook Islands
  • Account number: 85049S7
  • BSB: 051501
  • Sending funds: Your local currency (AUD, USD, EURO, GBP etc)
  • Receiving funds: NZD
  • Address: Te Aponga Drive,Tutakimoa Rarotonga, Cook Islands

How to send an International Money Transfer

Using internet banking or your bank app

  1. Log on to your NetBank or App > choose Transfers and BPAY > International Money Transfer.
    Or > Pay Someone > Overseas transfer + pay a new recipient
  2. Choose the Cook Islands as destination country
  3. Add the account name, account number, BSB (if requested) and the BIC/SWIFT.
  4. If prompted, set the 'receiving funds' as NZD.
  5. Double-check the details you’ve entered are correct
  6. Confirm your transfer.

Getting an error?

Some banks show an error as a result of the 'S' in the account number. If this occurs for you, please do the following:

Account number: 850497
Remittance: BCI Account number 85049S7

If you need help with your transfer or have questions, please contact us at