Tvati Professional


Part A and Part B sufficient to compound 6 bottles of Tvati Professional.
Product is HASTA batch tested
Each bottle has to be individually compounded for the athlete based on their weight. All instructions are provided in the pack and the team at Tvati are available to assist with any specific requests.
Practitioner only product.

TVATI is grown, harvested, processed and packed in the Cook Islands.

Each pack contains
1x250ml bottle of Tvati Serum (Part A)
1x 250ml bottle of MCT
6x50ml empty bottles of Tvati Professional with eye droppers
1x100ml measuring cylinder
1XSharpie Pen

Hibiscus Bark Extract, Coconut oil

Made in the Cook Islands by Cook Islands Medical Research & Development

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TVATI is the result of a decade of research and development into te vairakau ati, the traditional plants used in the Cook Islands to treat bone, cartilage and soft tissue injuries.

TVATI extracts have traditional use for bone, cartilage and soft tissue injury and research has produced evidence supporting this effect.


Dr Matheson is a medical doctor, researcher and founder of the Cook Islands Medical Research and Development Group and TVATI. He has represented the Cook Islands in Athletics, Touch Football and Rugby Union.



  •  TVATI  is used for the improvement of bone and cartilag injuries.
  • TVATI  is made from Fresh plant extracted into 100% ethanol and a Coconut oil carrier, manufactured on Rarotonga in the Cook Islands from local Hibiscus plants
  • TVATI  is created with active people in mind. Each batch is tested using a mass spectrometer to ensure product consistency.
  • TVATI  is a topical preparation. There is no oral or parenteral component. Application is once daily for 4 weeks to any part of the body.


“[It] was really getting me down from a quality of life point of view, but since I’ve been using Tvati it’s really helped me. I’m starting to get plenty of movement back into my shoulder… I had some knee problems… and they feel really good at the moment”

– Steve Small (former NSW Cricketer)


“I didn’t know where to turn, and I didn’t want to take no for an answer… I was really sceptical about using this oil, but for me to get back to what I love doing, I was willing to give it a go… Right now I don’t feel any pain in my foot. Bone’s growing back, I’m able to walk pain free.”

– Nu Brown (Professional NRL Player)


“I also have a passion for endurance sports… It’s not only a physical battle but a mental battle as well. I’ve done some pretty big ultra runs, and one in particular I got really bad shin splints. Got my hands on some Tvati and was back on my feet in no time!”

– Blake Johnson (Owner of Cronulla Surf Academy)


“I’ve been using Tvati oil daily now for quite some time and I’ve got to say the effects are amazing… Prior to using Tvati I was walking around daily with a knee brace on. After using Tvati I’ve been able to put my knee brace away and literally getting around now pain free… Proof is in the pudding. I’m able to ride my bike like I used to be able to in my youth… It works!

– Robbie Maddison (Motorbike stunt rider)

What is TVATI used for?

TVATI extracts have traditional use for bone and soft tissue cartilage injury and research has produced evidence supporting this effect.

What is TVATI made of?

1. Fresh plant extracted into 100% ethanol
2. Coconut oil carrier.

How is TVATI applied?

TVATI is a topical preparation. There is no oral or parenteral component. Application is twice daily for 2 weeks then daily for up to 4 weeks.


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